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Name: Eason Wei
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About Us

Pingchuan Industry Co.,Ltd. is one of the manufacturers of metal stamping products in China. Our factory covers 100,000 square feet and its located in Shengzhou City, east coast of China, very closed to the ports of Shanghai and Ningbo.We have 20 years experience in producing and supplying high quality metal products, by focusing on quality in every product, on-time delivery to every customer, and competitive pricing. We have more than 100 manufacturing staff and a strong engineering team, all of our products are exported to America and European markets.
Its new production line domino, rummy and other board game sets become more and more popular as well as enjoying very good market globally recently. Depend on its superior production line, strict QC systerm, skilled worker and designers together with selected wonderful supply chain, our
products go into USA and become stable supplier of Cardinal. Hope you will find your interests in our domino products and welcome to join us and share success!